Orange Belts & Up $65/Monthly

  • Improve Self Confidence
  • Develop Respect
  • Increase Focus
  • "What If" Situations
  • Enhance Street Smarts
  • Achieve Awards

Beginners & White Belts

                $99 for 9weeks

Studies have shown that almost 17% of all kids don’t end up turning out OK. They get involved in poor life decisions, end up in the wrong crowd, some don’t end up graduating high school or going on to higher education.

Our job is to use Martial Arts as a tool  to make sure that your child NEVER ends up in the bottom 17%!


How does it work?
Kids need three core competencies to assure their success.

1st - kids need help with their coordination - no matter where they are now, we will help them perform better at any activity they decide to do.
2nd -  Kids need confidence - Your child will learn to communicate with body language that they are friendly and approachable BUT they are also the kind of person that will not be pushed around.

3rd - Kids need “lifestyle skills”. Kids need to know how to set goals, how to have listening and speaking skills, how to have etiquette - it’s these skills that just might be what kids need most!

Our classes are age specific.

What would happen if you put a five year old in a group of ten year olds? What if you asked a teenager to attend a class with six year olds? What about children attending a class with adults? Unfortunately, that is exactly what is going on in many of today's commercial schools. We uniquely divide classes based on the age of the students.

Sometimes parents ask if it's possible for them to attend classes with their children, so that the family can have something to do together. Our answer is absolutely yes; as a matter of fact we encourage it. But the difference is we only allow an adult to attend a younger class, but do not allow children to attend adult classes. In this way we can then teach to the level that is appropriate for everyone.


At PPAA, we strive to help make our students stronger both physically and mentally.

Yes, we teach and practice the kicks, blocks, and punches that Martial Arts is known for; but we also cultivate the non-physical qualities of good martial artists – such as sincerity, politeness, loyalty, honor, and courage.

Through learning the basic techniques, forms), and sparring, students learn discipline as well as self-discipline, self-control, and respect for one’s self and others.