Tap (ages 6 & up):  Classes will emphasize rhythm, style, and sound.  Students will study basic tap steps, combinations and rhythms with an emphasis on developing proper tap technique and producing clear tap sounds.  

Ballet, Tap, Jazz & More

Ballet (ages 7 & up): A classical dance form that is the foundation for all dance.  Classes will emphasize technique and proper body alignment, as well as flexibility, strength, grace, coordination, musicality, and performance quality.  Students will also study ballet terminology and history.​

Jazz (ages 7 & up):  Classes will emphasize rhythm, coordination, strength, flexibility, and isolation of movement.  The focus will be on learning proper dance technique, as well as improving performance quality.  

Classes are designed to introduce the pre-school child to the world of dance and movement. Children will be introduced to elementary ballet vocabulary and will be encouraged to express themselves creatively through movement. Classes will promote socialization and listening skills and will help children develop an awareness of how their bodies can move. Props will be used in both classes to stimulate the imagination.​

Youth Dance

Pre-Ballet (ages 5-7): Classes are designed to prepare children for their first classical ballet class.  Children will be introduced to arm, leg and feet positions, gentle stretches and appropriate body alignment, while exploring basic ballet technique and terminology.  Creative expression will continue to be emphasized at this level. 
Pre-Ballet is combined with Tap for ages 5-6 and Jazz for ages 6-7.

Creative Movement

              Ages 3-4

Into to Ballet and

Intro to Tap/Ballet

​               Ages 4-5

Pre-Ballet/Tap        Ages 5-6

 Pre-Ballet/Jazz Ages 6-7